Central Sallisaw’s Whitley Mosby – Athlete of the Month Presented By Mountain View Meats

By Derrick Smith

The path to becoming a successful athlete is one that requires more than just showing up and playing. Success will only come to the athletes that are willing to put in the work, even extra work, in order to reach their goals.

Sallisaw Central junior, Whitley Mosby, knows what it has taken to get her where she is today. “It has not been easy to become the athlete I am today,” she said. “There has been much dedication, sweat, tears, and effort, but it has all been worth it.”

Mosby is in her fifth year of cheering for the Sallisaw Central Tigers. She is a base on the squad. Along with cheer, she is also a member of the Central Youth Coalition, Yearbook, and she serves as the junior class secretary.

Cheering is a passion of Mosby’s because of the relationships she has built, among other reasons. “I have gained a lot of new friends because of cheer,” she said. “It is so great to hear the crowd cheering us on. I also like being able to support the school and all of the teams we cheer for.”

Whitley has a few people in her life that have made big impacts on her life. “My older sister, Katie, is my biggest role model,” she said. “I look up to her because she is successful and a good person. I aspire to be like her. Also, my biology teacher and cheer coach, Mrs. Baxter, and my Yearbook advisor, Mrs. Lineberry. They are really great people.”

The most memorable moment of cheer that Mosby is actually something that happened before she competed. “It was the night before a competition,” she recalled. “I wanted to try doing a back handspring, because my team had hyped me up and encouraged me and I really felt confident. I nailed it and we ended up changing the whole routine for the next day.”