Ft. Gibson’s Zach Kinney – Athlete of the Month Presented By Indian Capital Technology Center

In today’s fast-paced world, we all want information that will gives us the answers our questions now. But many times, before we can know the answer we must first know the reasons why. At Indian Capital Technology Center, understanding the root of the problem defines the results discovered through hands on learning opportunities through Information Technology.

And for students like Zach Kinney, a member of the Fort Gibson swim team, it’s what drives him to be first to touch the wall with his projects as well as when friends will ask him to keep their devices working properly.

“I just try to identify why something isn’t working through various software and hardware programs. There’s always an answer you just have to keep digging for it,” explained Kinney, a 2020 senior who is completing his final semester of the IT program at ICTC.

The two-year curriculum allows students to create a foundation of skills in order to understand how everything is synched together.

“IT is a multi-faceted program where students learn everything from trouble shooting devices including computers, laptops, tablets, and cellphones as well as being able to fix and manage operating systems,” explained program instructor Trayce Pouncil. “Add to that these young people learn about networking and how devices communicate and talk to one another.”

A two-time state qualifier including reaching the 2020 Class 5A state meet competing in the 100m backstroke and competing with his teammates in the 200 freestyle relay, Kinney takes an analytical approach as to how and why computers, cellphones and other devices operate or don’t work whenever information is needed.

“A lot of times finding the answer requires thinking outside the box,” Kinney explained in a voice of confidence.

Mastering IT skills including terminology as well as trouble shooting hardware, understanding operating systems plus removing viruses and creating firewalls of protection requires perseverance, an individual trait that Pouncil credits Kinney for his never-ending efforts.

“Even more important than just fixing all of today’s devices, IT is all about problem solving and being analytical, and that’s why Zach is a match for a career in IT,” Pouncil said. “He has worked very hard and has grown in those problem solving and trouble shooting skills that all IT people need to have.”

The IT program available at ICTC allows students to choose the right path to the future.

“A lot of our students at ICTC after they graduate are ready to go right into the workforce,” confirmed Pouncil, “and if they choose to pursue a college career they’ve got an advantage compared to other students.”

Just as in the case of Zach Kinney as well as the many programs available at Indian Capital Technology, it’s the opportunity to compete for the gold medal prize with a focused eye to the future.