Sallisaw’s Tayeveon Alexander – Athete Spotlight Presented By McKey Equine Hospital

All for one …one for all…a phrase synonymous with sports, especially when it comes to making a difference in the outcome of a game. And so it was this year for Sallisaw senior Tayeveon Alexander.

After filling his role at guard for the Black Diamonds basketball team the past two seasons, Alexander was ready to raise the standard of success in his senior year. Sallisaw got a quick taste of success by winning the Sequoyah County Tournament before things changed for Alexander following an injury to a teammate.

“I was used to playing guard but when Ty McHenry got hurt, coach Youngblood looked at me and said Taye we need you to do more,” recalled the 2020 senior. “As a senior, it was my turn to do anything and everything to help the team out of tough situation.”

The challenge for Alexander was to move from the guard position where he was comfortable and battle inside at forward.

“I had to become more of a defensive player, especially against the other team’s big guys,” said Alexander. “Coach kept telling me use your quickness to get in position and box out.”

All in all, Alexander finished his senior campaign with solid results averaging 10.8 points per game while grabbing 8-plus rebounds per contest and NOAA conference honors leaving no doubt for Alexander that he made the right choice three years ago when he moved to Sallisaw.

“I wasn’t sure it was the right thing at first but I knew coach Youngblood would be my coach and he was a really good guy that cared about me,” said Alexander noting he played for Youngblood while in the third grade.

“That opened the door but everyone here has been really good to me. It’s a really cool school and my teachers were nice and always were willing to help me,” confirmed Alexander who completes his high school experience with a 3.5 GPA and plans to attend college at UAFS and major in criminal justice.

In addition to basketball, Alexander admits his favor subject in school was his art class.

“Mrs. Murphy encouraged me to use my imagination and do my best,” said Alexander. 

There’s also a fashionable side to Alexander, who enjoys listening to music by Drake, confirming his passion for shoes.

“I probably have 20 different pairs of shoes. My favorites are the Vans, any color,” Alexander said with a chuckle.

And even though the school year was cut short, Alexander hopes he made an impact for raising the bar of success.

“Going to Sallisaw High School was really good for me and I hope that I made a positive impact for others. I just hope they’ll remember me as a fun and laid back person who was always willing to help out whenever the situation arose.”