Warner’s Hannah Powell – “Good Neighbor” Athlete of the Month presented by David Kolb – State Farm Insurance

Written by Travis Sloat

Hannah Powell, a junior softball player and cheerleader from Warner High School, believes that the best way to demonstrate character is by having a great personality. 

“Having character means you’re your own person and not someone else,” Powell said. “On the field, I try and hype everyone else up with my encouraging personality. Off the field, I’m a very bubbly person, and I can make anyone laugh, basically.” 

When asked if she prefers jokes or topical humor to accomplish her goals of making everyone laugh, she said she’s just goofy, but she’s been known to tell some very corny jokes. 

As her softball season enters full swing, Powell said she is trying to accomplish a few goals in her penultimate year of high school. These would go along with the awards she’s already received, such as a three time regional champ for cheer, and part of a State Academic softball team. 

“I want to become a better player offensively and defensively,” she said. “And I want to become a better role model for my teammates and others coming up. Some of our team goals are to all get along and become closer with each other on and off the field. Also we want to work hard and earn a good season.” 

Powell said she started playing tee ball around six years old, and she plays shortstop for the Lady Eagles. She said she enjoys the competition and pushing herself to be better on and off the field. 

Jordan Carbone, the softball coach for Powell at Warner, said she was a fun kid to coach. 

“She has played several positions – pitcher, catcher, short, and third – for us out of necessity, and she has done it with a smile,” Carbone said. “She shows up every day with a big smile, ready to work, and I can’t wait to see what she does this season.” 

In her free time, Powell said she enjoys hunting, hanging out with friends, and watching as well as recording TikToks. Her favorite class is zoology, because she enjoys being able to dissect and study animals.