Gore’s Jacob Morgan: Character Counts Presented By Gore Green Country Drug

In today’s fast paced society, people young and old alike can hardly wait to get that minute of glory that gives us everything all in one moment. We want it all short term because we want it faster. But Jacob Morgan, a senior at Gore High School, believes the bigger success stories are cultivated through time and hard work. “I just try to do what’s right and at the same time try to make my efforts benefit others in order to achieve their dreams,” replied Morgan.

It’s a way of life that Morgan credits to his dad, Jesse, for instilling a 100 percent-plus approach to his daily efforts, on and off the court. “Dad’s a working man’s man that doesn’t shy away from hard work. He’s proven to me and others that you can achieve any goal through hard work, by doing things right the first time and by treating others fairly.”

It’s a player’s mentality that Gore head basketball coach Chris Ray applauds and welcomes Morgan’s efforts to be a coach on the court for the Pirates. “He’s a basketball guy that understands what we’re trying to do on the floor during a game,” said Ray complimenting the tallest player on the squad who can score from the outside as well as at the rim. “Jacob has a good attitude. He’s a young man who’s easy for everyone to get along with and he’s got a high IQ with big things ahead in his future because of his commitment to hard work in everything he does.”

When tensions rise during the game, the younger players often look to their senior teammate for understanding the game plan. “As a senior, experience is a plus. The younger guys on the team need someone they can trust and someone that can talk their language,” smiled Morgan. “I try to make the right play and when I make a mistake, and we all do, just stay in the game and give it my best efforts knowing the chance will come to create a winning opportunity.”

With a senior class schedule that includes concurrent enrollment to earn college credits, Morgan explains he’s still unsure of his future career in life but certain everything will play out in time. “I’m just going to continue to do things with a 110 percent approach, doing things right by hard work whatever road I follow. I’m confident things will work out for the best.”

And it’s a life lesson that Jacob Morgan leaves as a legacy for others to follow.