Gore’s Addison Sheffield: Character Counts Presented By Gore Green Country Drug

Whether on the basketball court or in the classroom, Addison Sheffield is focused on always doing her best especially when it’s an opportunity to help others succeed.

The 5-4 junior guard continues to be a game changer for the Lady Pirates by ignoring the clock and spending whatever time is needed to improve her game.

“From last summer and everyday since, the amount of time that Addie spends in the gym is endless. And now, we’re seeing the fruits of her labor on the basketball court,” said Gore coach John Mays.

“She’s not the most vocal person on the floor…but she’s the first one in and the last player to leave they gym…kids see her work ethic and how it’s making us a better team as well as her a better player and they respect that and follow her lead.”

Sheffield understands it’s more about your actions than what you said that matters most.

“Whenever I look up to someone, I’m inspired to follow those who walk their talk by example not just talk a good game,” Sheffield said in confidence. “By letting your actions speak louder than what you say, proves you can back it up with results that make a difference. That’s why I’m always striving to give my best in everything I do.”

Sheffield’s extra efforts in the classroom including her favorite subject, Anatomy, continue to empower her to maintain a 4.0 GPA and keep alive a family tradition of achieving Valedictorian honors set by the example of her two older sisters, Farron and Mallori.

“That’s a motivating factor but for me it’s more about just doing things right the first time,” confirmed Sheffield.

Complimented by Mays as being a person of integrity, Sheffield deflects the individual attention to a focus of helping others and making the team stronger.

“It’s all about helping our team get stronger, on the court and at school. We’re all key pieces to the puzzle and we all have to fit together,” smiled Sheffield.

And with the proven truth “what you see is what you get” as a motto, Addison Sheffield proves by her efforts that Character Counts.