Stilwell’s Abby Ellis – Softball Spotlight Presented by Northeastern Health System

The intensity of a back and forth battle for the lead of the VYPE fastpitch softball poll was a crystal clear picture describing the competitive spirit of Abby Ellis of Stilwell. Despite a start of school transfer from Keys to Stilwell that resulted in a 15-day setback to the sophomore shortstop taking her place in the starting lineup, Ellis admits the move was worth the investment along with the quest to finish number one in the poll battling her teammate Macey Sawney. Ellis totaled 21,256 votes to finish in the runner-up spot behind Sawney.

“The move was more of a family thing,” recalled Ellis. “And as soon as I got to Stilwell I felt like I was at home because I was already friends with players including Macey.”

Ellis believes the spirit of the poll race enhanced the team spirit as well.

“We had teammates voting for both of us as well our families going all in,” chuckled Ellis. “When I’d go in front, Macey would say I’m not giving up and when she moved ahead, it made me want it more.”

Softball is without the favorite sport for Ellis who first played at age six at shortstop for the Daisy Pickers.

“It’s definitely my first choice,” smiled Ellis who will also play basketball last this year.

While admitting her personal fear of drowning, “Abs” is a a certified diver who enjoys the challenge of solving the mystery while watching her favorite TV drama, Criminal Minds.  A big fan of the OU women’s softball program, Ellis favorite player is Jocelyn Alo of the Sooners.

In addition to playing softball, Ellis maintains focus to her classroom assignments including making the grade in pre-AP English II and her favorite subject in Geography.

While consistently scooping up shots of the bat at shortstop, Ellis had only one request for her post-game celebration meal following a Stilwell win.

“I would asked coach Decker to take me and the team to Panda Express. I could eat there everyday for a year.”