Henryetta’s Avery Miller – Muscogee Creek Nation Athlete of the Month

Henryetta High School fastpitch softball player Avery Miller loves being on the field representing her school and her tribe.

The standout student-athlete has called softball her sport of choice since the age of eight. Now a pitcher, Miller is eager to take the field this season with her teammates at Henryetta.

“Softball is the sport I love and I spend the year trying to better myself for the seasons to come. I love pitching it gives me a way to get away from everything else. I also play third base,” said Miller. “We always have this fight in us to come back from games we might be losing or that we aren’t “supposed” win. I love my team, we are family.”

Grades are also at the top of the priority list for Miller.

“Grades and academics are very important to me, keeping my grades up is how I get to play the sport I love. After high school I would like to go to college and play softball, but if I don’t go to play softball I want to get a good degree and go into the medical field,” said Miller.

As a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation, Miller has enjoyed the opportunities the tribe has given her and learning about her culture is something she continues to do today.

“It means a lot to be a part of the Creek Nation. I love learning about things that are apart of my culture. It’s so fascinating,” said Miller.

Miller said her tribe has helped in many ways, including helping with donations for softball trips.

“They helped out with donations for me to go to Branson and Florida and Kansas City, this helped with me to get exposure. This helped better me for getting ready for harder competition for the upcoming seasons,” Miller explained.

Her parents also play an important role in her life as well as her pitching coach.

“My parents have been some of my biggest influences and have helped me through some of the toughest times in games and after games. My pitching coach Terri McClure has also been a big inspiration to me,” said Miller.

Henryetta High School and the Muscogee Creek Nation are lucky to have Avery Miller represent both in academics, athletics and in the community.