Stilwell’s Macie Sawney – Tahlequah Area Softball Feature – Presented by Northeastern Health System

By Derrick Smith

Success is what everyone strives for, whether it is with sports, work, or just in life. And it is not just something that is given, but instead, it has to be worked for. Macie Sawney, the winner of the Tahlequah Area Softball Poll, knows what it takes to be successful in sports.

“It takes lots of hard work and dedication,” she said. “It takes showing up on days when others don’t and putting in tons of work on my own time.  I wouldn’t have the drive to do all the extras if I didn’t have love and passion for the game.”

Macie is a junior at Stilwell High School. Along with playing fastpitch and slowpitch softball, she is also a member of the basketball team.

“I can play any position on the softball field, but I am left-handed and the smallest on the team, and I excel at centerfield.”

She says winning the softball poll is a big thing for her for years to come.

“It is so beneficial to my future,” she said. “It is very challenging to get college recognition in a small town like Stilwell, so any chance to get my name out there is extremely helpful to me.”

There have been some big moments throughout her career, but there is one that stands out above the rest for Macie.

“The highlight of my softball career would be when my summer fastpitch team won the World Series in Gulf Shores, Alabama.”

Sawney says she would not be the person she is today or where she is today without her parents.

“I would like to give a huge thank you to my parents, Joey and Lisa Sawney, for dedicating their time to better my future,” she stated. “They are always by my side to push and support me in all that I do.”

When she is not practicing or playing her sports, Macie keeps herself busy. She serves as Vice-President on the Student Council, a member of the Math and Science Club, SHS Fishing Team, Future Farmers of America, Student Wellness Action Team (SWAT), and numerous community service activities.