Poteau Football Q&A – “PIRATES SAIL FOR GOLD” – Presented by Tote-A-Poke

PIRATES SAIL FOR GOLD       …presented by Tote A Poke

The Poteau Pirates prepare to set sail on course to winning the Class 4A football state championship. Two key players in Poteau’s quest for the Gold Ball treasure will feature the play of 2019 seniors Easton Francis and Vaka Tuifua.  A pair of VYPE Top 100 selections, Francis (6-0 212), a 4-year game changer for Poteau will play running back while Tuifua (6-2, 318) who joined the Pirates ship last year moving from Barrow Alaska, will once again dominate play on the line of scrimmage as a two-way starter.


  1. As a senior, what does this group want to accomplish this season and describe how important it is to you to leave behind a legacy for future players to follow?

Francis:  We don’t just want to win state; we’re determined to leave a             footprint for success and tradition of Poteau football and that means includes      winning the GOLD BALL!

Tuifua:  Our #1 priority is to leave the program better than when we started            and finish with a state championship


  1. Who is your biggest rival? Why?

Francis:  No question it’s Sallisaw. We always mouth each other plus a lot       more bedlam.  Tradition says the Red will win!

Tuifua:  For me it’s Broken Bow because of the intensity of our games is         unreal.


  1. Locker Talk – let’s get the scoop on some of your teammates:
  • Who has the dirtiest locker?

Francis:  Mason Barcheers

Tuifua:  Definitely it’s Barcheers!

  • Who is the strongest player on the team?

Francis:  Nobody stronger than Vaka!

Tuifua: Me and I use it to my advantage on offense and defense.

  • Who is the hardest hitter?

Francis:  ME!

Tuifua:  Christian Duncan

  • Who is the fastest player on the team?

Francis:  It’s close but I’ll win at the finish line.

Tuifua:  Jayden Mankin.

  • Who talks the most noise?

Francis:  Kennedy Thornburg

Tuifua:  Austin Zimmerman

  • Who can sleep anywhere, anytime?

Francis:  Coach Werner

Tuifua:  Wyatt Waddell


  • Who will eat anything?

Francis:  Kennedy has never seen food he doesn’t like.

Tuifua:  Me…how do you think I grew like I have?

  • Who has the best impersonation of coach Werner?

Francis:  Joey Ballard

Tuifua:  Kale Harrison



  1. Now about you…
  • What is your “go-to” pre-game meal?

Francis:  Subway

Tuifua:  Burger – double meat!

  • What is your favorite subject in school?

Francis:  Science

Tuifua:  Math

  • Favorite music artist?

Francis:  Travis Scott

Tuifua:  Yami Bolo

  • Something you’re afraid of?

Francis:  Heights

Tuifua:  Losing

  • Most active social media?

Francis:  Snapchat

Tuifua:  Instagram

  • Career choice?

Francis: State Trooper

Tuifua:  Police Officer



  1. What message do you want to send to your fans this season?

Francis:  My team and I are going to give them our all every play. Come sail   with us to reach the ‘ship! (Championship).

Tuifua:  Let’s join forces and leave no doubt the Pirates are the best!